Newsletter December 10

Dear 4B Families,

Happy second week of Advent. I hope you all had a nice weekend. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Please return your empty, signed report card envelopes by the end of the week.  Thank you.

Outreach: This Wednesday at Mass we will bless all the items and organizations that the school has been collecting for during our Advent Outreach. Thank you all so much for your generosity in collecting for the Pike Market Food Bank and Senior Center.  Almost everyone has also brought in their $10.00 donation for our Ugandan students. If you have not yet you can still bring it in before Wednesday. Thank you all!  The spirit of giving is alive and well in 4th grade!

untitledPrayer Partners: Last Friday all students should have come home with their Faith Family Prayer Partner name, directions, and cardstock to make a speical card for their prayer partner.  All cards should be brought to school no later than next Monday, December 17th. We will exchange them at our final Faith Family meeting next week.  Make sure the cards are neatly and thoughtfully completed and nicely decorated.  All students should include their prayer parnter in their daily prayers as well.

Reading:  The Charlotte’s Web Quote Posters are due next Tuesday the 18th.  The students will also have a yellow study sheet for the Charlotte’s Web Vocabulary Test in their filer.  This test is on Monday, Dec. 17th. We will begin practicing at school tomorrow, but students are also encouraged to study at home as well. There will be activities on Spelling City/Vocab. City and Quizlet to help them review.

Spelling: Lists for lesson 12 were sent home last Friday.  This test will be on Friday as usual.

Math: Mrs. Podell’s math group will begin chapter 5 on Monday. This chapter will focus on multiplying two and three digit numbers by two digit numbers. Ms. Simpson’s math group will have their chapter 4 test on Tuesday.  They will be reviewing in class on Monday.  Weekly homework includes at least 4 sessions of Xtramath weekly.  Mastery of math facts is an essential skill for all of our upcoming units in math.  Thank you for reinforcing practice with your children.

Social Studies:  We will not be taking any US map tests until January, but I encourage the students to practice online.  I would suggest after finishing up an Xtramth session to move right into an online map practice as well!  Our next test is the West/SW states which will be on Tuesday, January 15th.  The 50 State test will take place on Thursday, January 24th.  I have included links the students can use on the Map Study Sheet link above.  Short but consistent practice sessions will make mastery easier!

Religion: The Liturgical Year test will take place this Friday.  We will have review time in class this week, and students should use the online practice site as well as their study sheets to practice at home.  Remember, this is a two part test; the Liturgical Calendar and the fill in the blank test. Students will be attending the sacrament of reconciliation this Friday morning.


Science: This week we will be identifying key vocabulary for our unit on wind energy.  Using the Beaufort Scale we will look at how we can measure wind speed using observational data. We will also begin creating a wind instrument, an anemometer, to measure wind speed.

We are still in need of glass jelly jars for our special project.  Please send them in by Tuesday if you have any.  Lids are not needed. Thank you so much!

Corrected Papers: I have been a bit slow returning papers, but I managed to get caught up this weekend.  Check your child’s filer and please remove all corrected papers and notes.

Homework Overview:

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