Newsletter December 18th

Dear 4B Parents,

Happy 3rd Week of Advent, and the last newsletter of the year!

Hopefully, all students have completed their handmade cards for their prayer partners. If they did not bring their cards on Friday, they will need to be turned in by Monday. This Tuesday is a half-day and students are invited to wear Christmas colored or themed clothing that day. Hats are okay as long as they fit the theme. No face paints or hair color please. We will exchange cards in our Faith Families and have an All School Sing-Along to end the day.

Spelling: Unit 29 Calendar Words will be passed out on Monday. They will be tested after Christmas break.

Christmas vacation is a great time to master math facts with short but consistent practice sessions. It is imperative that all students know their multiplication facts with automatic recall so that they can move into the more challenging skills to come with confidence. Remember, you can access sites to create your own worksheets, use the Xtramath and Mathletics sites, use flash cards and other games to get those facts into long-term memory! All students should take time to read regularly over their Christmas holiday as well. Thank you!


I want to wish you all a Christmas filled with joy and peace, and a very Happy New Year 2018. Thank you all for sharing the gift of your children with me, and for your support, generosity, and kindness








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