Newsletter February 3rd

Dear 4B Parents,

Catholic Schools Week was a wonderful celebration. Thank you to all of the drivers/chaperones that took the 4th graders around to deliver certificates.  Also, thank you to the many parents that helped with the Grandparents lunch and any of the other activities that happened during Catholic Schools Week.  We have much to be thankful for!

Mid-tri reports will be in your child’s filer on Friday.  Please sign and return the envelopes as soon as you can.  Thank you!

to the 4B Spelling Bee participants, Madeline and also to Laila for an excellent performance!  I am so proud of all of the participants!

ZZ68AE67D2Next Friday, February 14th, we will celebrate Valentine’s Day, but the Valentine Boxes are due on Thursday, February 13th. I can’t wait to see what the creative 4th grade students come up with!

Oral Biographies: The students will bring home information on the Oral Biography Project this week, and the directions will also be posted in the tabs above. I will be going over the details of this project with the students, and we will be practicing strategies in class that will help them plan, work through, and present this project.  All students need to have their biography choice approved by me no later than next Thursday, February 13th.  The sooner the students make their choices, the better, so that students can begin their reading and note taking. Presentations will take place between March 26th and April 3rd.

Reading: Last week the students read an informational text on Stagecoaches in preparation for our story this week: Riding Freedom.  This wonderful story is based on the true story of a woman that overcomes many challenges to pursue her dream of becoming a stagecoach driver.

Spelling: There will be a spelling test on Friday for Lesson 16. Word lists were sent home last Thursday.

Religion: Students will review and take a test on the Liturgical year this week. The new test date is Friday, February 7th. We will also begin our study of the Sacraments this week.

Math: Look for corrected chapter 5 math tests in your child’s filer this week. We began chapter 6, which focuses on division. We will be diving right into long division. Mastery of division facts is very important.  Students that have not yet passed division on Xtramath should continue to practice nightly.

Science: Last week, students created blades in order to make windmills. They designed the blades with materials that

they thought could lift a weighted cup. This week, they will continue testing the windmills to see how much weight each one can lift. Students are continuing to use the Engineering Design Process, and they will improve their designs as needed.

Social Studies: We are continuing along the trail with Lewis and Clark.  This week we will be introduced to Sacajawea. The West/SW map test will take place this Tuesday. The 50 state test will be the following week on February 13th.  Thank you for keeping up on regular practice/review.  You can access study sheets and online review here.  




 Have a great week everyone!

Ms. Benson

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