Newsletter January 7

Dear 4B Families,

Welcome Back!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday and that you are ready to jump into the New Year 2019! I had a busy two weeks traveling back to the Midwest and spending time with family and friends.

On Monday we will take time to share some favorite holiday events and we will review our classroom and school procedures and rules. Reviewing routines and procedures will help us start the year off right.

Religion: The Corporal Works of Mercy is our religion focus.  The students will be working in groups to produce a poster that describes and illustrates one the the Seven Corporal Works of Mercy.  All students will need to have the Corporal Works of Mercy memorized by next Friday.  Look for a homework assignment related to the Works of Mercy to come home this Friday that will be due by next Wednesday.

Reading/Language Arts: Be sure to check your child’s filer this week for corrected Charlotte’s Web final tests that were  taken before the break. Grade sheets for the Quote Posters will also be in your child’s filer. We are moving back into our anthology this week as we begin a mini unit on Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement.This unit will lead into our larger biography unit. Stayed tuned for more!

Our language arts activities will focus on the parts of speech and the four types of sentences: declarative, interrogative, imperative and exclamatory. Students will be able to both recognize and compose quality sentences of each type, and understand the importance of proper punctuation and word choice in conveying meaning.  This week we will especially emphasize nouns—common, proper, possessive, concrete, abstract, etc.

Our Spelling words this week are the months and days, which are all proper nouns, so they need to be capitalized!

Math: We will focus on accurate computation of multi-digit multiplication problems.  Thank you for carefully checking over math homework for accuracy and having students correct any errors.  Look for math homework Tuesday though Thursday this week.

Social Studies: The students will be tested on the West/Southwest States on Tuesday, January 15thThe 50 States test will be Thursday, January 24th. Our class work is focsuing on the Lewis and Clark Expeditiion.  This week we will learn how they prepared for the journey and get to know some of the crew members.

Science: This week the students will be evaluating the performance of their anemometers. They will think about how their design and choice of materials affected how well their anemometers performed when tested. We will also discuss as a whole class some common factors that helped some anemometers perform better than others. We will end the week by looking at mechanical engineering and simple machines.


Have a great week!

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