Newsletter May 28th

Dear 4B Families,

 I hope you all enjoyed the Memorial Day Weekend.  Field Day was great fun on Friday-a little cold, but I was so impressed with the good sportsmanship from the students. They really made the best of the blustery day.

Mystery Book Reports: The students will be giving their mystery book presentations next week. The students also have a paper they started filling out last week relating to their mystery. Students should practice their presentations at home so that they are able to present clearly and confidentlyThey do not have to have their presentations memorized.

I will be sending out a “Summer Letter” on Thursday this week online and on blue paper that will outline some ideas and opportunities for summer practice. The students have worked so hard this year and have made such wonderful progress.   All students should be setting aside some time over the summer to review math and they should all be reading regularly!!  Thank you for providing encouragement and consistent time this summer for a bit of review—which will help prevent the summer slide.

Language Arts: The students are working on their final entry for their Flat Stanley Journals.  This will be graded separately.  This entry will be self-edited by the students giving them a chance to show how they have grown as writers this year. The students were given clear guidelines for this writing, as well as an optional extra credit entry.  I will be setting up a time for the students to share their journals with the first grade students soon. This week the students will also be working on a personal quote project. This quote will relate back to the Oral Biography presentation. Last Thursday students found quotes from the people they presented on and now will work on creating a personal quote. A directions sheet will be coming home with the students tomorrow. Please look for it in your child’s filer.

Spelling: There will not be a spelling test this week, but there will be a test next Friday, June 7th.  The word list will come home later this week.

Social Studies: The Washington State Feature (rivers and mountains) test will take place next Thursday, June 6th. Students should review both with the blank map they all have in their filers as well as the online practice site. Our class work will in these final days will be focusing on early Seattle history which will help prepare us for our Underground Tour field trip.

Science: This week we will analyze the data from our lab last week. This information will help the students choose their insulation in their solar ovens. We will begin building our solar ovens this week and hopefully will test them next week. Please start praying for sun! 😎☀

Math: We are doing a combination of work on decimals, fractions and geometry in our final lessons of the year.  Homework will include review of 4th grade skills as well as our daily lessons. The students will be having a fraction test on Thursday this week. Tuesday/Wednesday homework will be a review/practice test.

Religion: We will be finishing up our Beatitude work this week.  Our final unit will focus on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and an overall review of topics we have covered this year.  Several students have already recited the Memorare. The last day to recite this prayer is Friday, June 7th.


Have a great week—I know it is busy—for everyone, but it is so important for the students to remain focused and attentive to their work for these last 3 weeks. Thank you for your assistance.

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