Newsletter November 11th

Dear 4B Families,

I hope you all enjoyed the Veterans Day Weekend.  The class prayer service on Friday honoring the veterans the students wrote about on their flags was very special.  It was incredible to see how interested the students were in learning about other students’ relatives. Thank you for assisting your child with this project.  The flags will be proudly displayed in the classroom.  Some families like to bring their flags home to give to the veteran it honors.  You are welcome to bring home your flag after your conference if you like.  Otherwise, I will add them to your child’s portfolio and they will come home at the end of the year.

Conferences: Or, as I like to call them, Celebrations of Learning! The schedule to sign up is now live! If you haven’t yet, please use this link to sign up as soon as possible. Just a reminder, all students are expected to attend their Celebration of Learning with their parents. They will be leading much of the discussion. I’m very much looking forward to these Celebrations!

Religion: Our next topic will be a study of the Corporal Works of Mercy, which ties in nicely with the spirit of giving during Advent.  Students will be given a list of the Corporal Works of Mercy to memorize by Friday, December 6th. Look for a study sheet in your child’s filer this week. Also, our field trip to Pike Place Market is fast approaching!  As part of our Advent outreach, we will be collecting non-perishable food items for the Pike Market Food Bank.  We would like each child to bring in at least one item to contribute.  Thank you for your generosity!  All items need to be brought to school before the day of our field trip–Thursday, December 5th. Look for a flyer in your child’s filer.

Spelling: Study sheets for Diphthongs were sent home last Friday.  The test will take place this Friday as usual.

untitledReading:  The students received a Charlotte’s Web Vocab Sentences assignment last Friday. It is due this Friday, November 15th.  We went over the assignment in detail at school, but we ask parents also read over the directions on the pink sheet in your child’s filer.

Math: Corrected math tests from last week will be in your child’s filer by Friday. Our class work is building up to the skill of multiplying two and three digit numbers.  Students will use models to demonstrate understanding of multiplication of larger numbers before we move into the algorithm.   Thank you for your continued support of regular fact practice at home. 

Social Studies:  Our SE State map test is this Thursday.   Next Thursday the 21st, the students will be tested on the combination of the NE and SE states.  All students will have a new study sheet for this test in their filer on Tuesday the 12th.  They are also begin practicing with the online links provided.  Our classwork will focus on preparations for the Pike Place Market field trip.

Science: The time has arrived! Students are now officially mechanical engineers, and they began the initial planning for their Rube Goldberg machines. They’ve been placed into groups and started modeling and thinking based on the concepts we’ve learned about mechanical engineering. (For a full list of expectations, please visit the Rube Goldberg link on the website.) Students may need help with finding materials at home. The following are some of the materials students have identified: dominoes, marbles, toy cars, plastic plates, plastic cups, paper bowls, clay, measuring tape, tin foil, cardboard, cans, toilet paper rolls, pipe cleaners, magnets, etc. Please ask your child about the specific materials that her/his group needs. This week, students will be building their machines, so please help them get the necessary materials to school as soon as possible. The goal is to start testing them next week! 

Habits: This week, we will be focusing on the habit of Creating, Imagining, and Innovating. This comes at the perfect time as our mechanical engineers begin planning and building their Rube Goldberg Machines. These important habits can also be used in other areas of learning. In math, problem solving is often dependent on thinking “outside the box” rather than memorizing a formula or key word. In addition, students can be innovators in the way they choose to study for their map tests in social studies. We can all create, imagine, and innovate in all aspects of our lives!


  • Spelling test on Friday
  • Charlotte’s Web vocabulary sentences due Friday.
  • Math homework nightly,  Nightly fact practice on Xtramath. 
  • Social Studies SE State map review for November 14th test.
  • Nightly recorder practice

Have a wonderful week, and Happy Veteran’s Day!

Ms. Benson

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