Newsletter November 18th

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! In Thanksgiving reflection, I am so grateful for all of the support I receive from all of you! I’m also thankful for the wonderful students that I have the pleasure of teaching everyday. I am excited for our upcoming Celebrations of Learning!

Celebrations of Learning (Conferences): We are very busy finishing up projects to prepare for conferences next week. Your child will be making introductions at the door, leading us in prayer, sharing some of their work, and discussing goals for 2nd trimester.   I look forward to meeting with you all as we discuss your child’s progress and goals.

Pike Place Market! Thursday, December 5th we will be heading off to wonderful Pike Place Market. If you signed up to drive/chaperone you will be receiving a separate email from me this week with an itinerary and notes about the day. Students are required to wear their uniforms, but they can also choose to wear their Gator Gear or their red Holy Rosary Sweatshirts to the Market. Students should also wear good shoes for walking. All students will need to bring a sack lunch and a beverage, and they may bring $5.00 to $10.00 to spend at the Market, but no more please. Students will not be allowed to buy their lunches.  The money is to buy a small treat or craft item. It will be fun to visit the Market during the Christmas Season!

Reading/Language Arts: On Thursday the students will bring home a large paper and directions for the Charlotte’s Web Quote Poster project. Quote Posters are due on or before Wednesday, December 18th.  As we read Charlotte’s Web, we’ve practiced selecting and writing quotes from the story. The students are learning to choose quotes that have significant meaning or provide insight into the characters. As they work through this project at home, they can use books or this link of the story online.They can also bring their quote folders home on weekends, but they need them here during the school week.

SpellingOur spelling list was sent home last Friday. You can find the list Here. The test will be Friday as usual. You will be able to access the list for the December 6th test on the website.

Science: Last week, our mechanical engineers planned out their Rube Goldberg machines using models, lists, and labels. This week, they will begin to build. Tuesday’s class will be dedicated to building and testing the machines. On Thursday, students will again build their machines to present to the class. Students will continue the habit of perseverance. Machines are not expected to be successful on their first run. Engineers and scientists try, adjust, and try again, just like we will!

Social Studies: This Thursday the 21st, the students will be tested on the combination of the NE and SE states.  All students have a new study sheet for this test in their filer on Tuesday the 12th.  They can also review with the online links provided.  Our classwork will continue to focus on preparations for the Pike Place Market field trip.

Math: Our math work this week will focus on multiplication of one and two digit numbers.  Keep up the Xtramath work on multiplication and division—at least 4 times weekly (not counting what we do at school).

Have a great week!

Ms. Benson


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