Newsletter November 4th

Dear 4B Parents,


Happy Monday everyone. I hope you all enjoyed the weekend, and the extra hour of sleep!  I was so proud of the excellent job the students did at both the Friday and Sunday All Saints Day Masses. They represented the saints so well! For my first All Saints Mass, I was very impressed! Thank you all again for your help at home preparing the costumes and bringing your children to mass on Sunday.

Conferences: Parent/Student/Teacher conferences are fast approaching. The Sign Up Genius will go live on Thursday, November 7th. You will receive a link in the eFC where you can sign up for a conference time.  You will find a yellow Pre Conference Survey sheet in your child’s filer on Monday that will help me prepare for your child’s conference.  Please return these sheets by next Wednesday, November 13th.  Thank you!

Just a reminder that the Veterans Day Flags that were sent home last week are due by this Wednesday the 6th.  Thank you!

Spelling:  Spelling words are back! The “Long i” word list was passed out last Friday. The test will be this Friday, November 8th.

ReligionWe will be wrapping up our study of Saints this week and finish the corresponding chapter on Saints from our religion book.

Math: We will be taking the Chapter 3 math test on Thursday.  We will have a test review in class on Wednesday and the homework will be a practice for the test as well. Our next chapter will focus on multiplication with larger numbers. Knowing math facts for quick recall is an important skill.  Weekly math homework includes 4 or more sessions of Xtramath each 7 days. One session per visit per day is optimal. Thank you for your support of regular fact practice at home. 

Science: Anticipation is building as we are working towards becoming experts on simple machines! Students spent last week defining different simple machines and coming up with examples. This week, they’ll take a short quiz to make sure they’re ready to start engineering! (The quiz will be open notes.) Then, it’s finally time to plan! Students will write their ideas for their own Rube Goldberg Machines and be grouped with other students who have similar ideas. Be on the lookout for ways you can help by providing simple materials (paper towel rolls, cardboard boxes, etc.). Next week, we’ll build and hopefully be ready to test out the machines! For all informational materials, see the Rube Goldberg link on the 4b website. 

Social Studies: The SE State test will take place next Thursday the 14th.   Our class work continues to focus on the Native People of Washington State.  Students are learning about the customs of the NW Coast People of Western Washington, and the Plateau People of Eastern Washington

Homework: Just a reminder about homework.  In 4th grade homework is often ongoing.  Students are generally reviewing/studying for upcoming tests.  Currently they should be as working on their Veterans Day Flags. Math fact review, map tests, spelling words, recorder practice, and reading should also be incorporated into routines. So even if we have not sent home a math sheet or other specific worksheet, students should be setting aside nightly time to work on their ongoing homework and test prep. Having a nightly routine, with an expectation that time is set aside each night for studies, will help develop good study habits and prepare students for the upper grades.



Have a wonderful week and enjoy the Veteran’s Day Holiday next Monday!

Ms. Benson

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