Remote Learning for Thursday and Friday, March 19th and 20th

Dear 4B Families,

Here’s today’s video from me!  IMG_3797

Here’s Friday’s video from me! IMG_3802

Friday Updates:

  • First, check out Mrs. Sutherland’s message on her PE website!
  • Thank you for sending your Rivers and Lakes tests to Ms. Simpson. She is happy to correct them and send you a reply. Great job everyone!
  • I’m uploading new math YouTube videos today. Both are meant to be watched AFTER you’ve already completed the pages independently.
    • Independent Practice (will post at 8:30am):
    • Homework: (will post at 12:00, noon):
  • Don’t forget to send me your journals by the end of the day today! I will write back to you as soon as possible.


Thank you all for your continued hard work!




Below you will find the lessons/assignments for today. We decided to do two day’s worth of lessons. So, these instructions are for Thursday and Friday. Here is a PDF in case you’d like that, as well. Remote Learning Thursday and Friday, March 19 and 20

We are diligently working on the best way to communicate via video. Please be patient as we figure this all out.


Thursday, March 19, 2020 and Friday, March 20, 2020

Subject  What to do on Thursday and Friday!

  • Reading Text/Anthology: 
    • Reread the story “The World According to Humphrey” (Pgs. 624-637).
    • As you read (or afterward) complete pages 1, 2, 3 of the yellow tri-fold pamphlet from your folder. (you will finish it tomorrow). 
    • PLEASE SAVE THESE completed pamphlets, as they will be used to assess your comprehension of the text. 
    • You are expected to write neatly, using complete sentences and text evidence from the story. 
    • Use this rubric that we have been using for written responses:


For each response, did you… YES or NO
1. Restate the question?
2.Answer the question being asked?
3. Explain your thinking and use text evidence from the story?
4. Go back and check to make sure your response makes sense?


Reading Text/Anthology: 

  • Finish the yellow tri-fold pamphlet activity. 
  • Think about what you think the “theme” or “big idea” is. Share with your parents or siblings if possible.
  • How do the characters’ thoughts or actions or ways in which the character changes help you determine the theme?
  • Read the paired selection, Make the Switch, pgs. 642-644. 
    • First, read it aloud, then silently. 
    • Think about the message of this selection. Have you noticed any of these techniques in ads? 
Reading 2 20 minutes silent reading: Read a chapter book of your choice for at least 20 minutes each day.

Lesson 4: Equivalent Fractions, pages 505-508

  • Read and complete pages 505-508
  • You can follow along in the workbook with Ms. Benson here.

  • Use your yellow sheet as needed, but see if you can determine the equivalent fractions on your own first.  


  • Rewatch any videos to refresh your memory.
  • Look over what you did yesterday.
  • Complete homework on pages 509-510.
Language Arts
  • Thursday:Spelling: Review words for the spelling test. 
    • Use Spelling City to review
  • Friday-Spelling: Have mom or dad give you the spelling test.  Head your paper correctly for the test.  You can keep this in your folder for now.  Please correct at home.  
  • Journal: One entry should be written by the end of Friday.
Social Studies
  • Remember, your River and Lake map test needs to be completed by Friday.  Please take a picture of your completed test (signed by your parent) and send a picture of it to me: Ms. Simpson:  Thank you!

When you finish your work you can play the Oregon Trail GameBeware, this is truly old school, touch screens do not work.  You need to type in all choices and hit return. I’ll bet your parents know how to play!! This is only for study breaks and free times.  Do not spend more than 15 minutes on this if your daily work is not completed.   HAVE FUN—let me know how you do!


Ongoing things to work on ANY time. These tasks are not due today. None of these have to be done TODAY.
  • Journal (one per week)
  • Oral Biography (final presentation due date TBD)
  • Freckle assignments
  • Xtra Math
  • Scholastic News
  • Science PLTW Activity 3: The Brain in Action
  • Memorare Practice


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