Remote Learning: Monday, March 30th

Hello 4B Families,

Well, April starts this week! Let’s hope for warmer temperatures soon! Although, you know the old adage: April showers bring May flowers.

Monday’s video from me: IMG_3872

Oral Biographies: Most of your time should be spent preparing and practicing for the Oral Biography presentations. There will be some math and reading work additionally, but it will be short and sweet. You will find some tips for finalizing Oral Biographies below. In addition, all of the forms and information you need are on the Oral Biography section of the website.

Presentations will take place April 6th- April 9th. If you have not yet, please sign up for a presentation time here. We are asking parents, if you can, to take a better quality video at another time than the Zoom presentation. That way, we can share the videos.

Finally, I suggest that you practice, practice, practice! That will make you feel more comfortable, confident, and ready to give an amazing presentation!

Seesaw: This week, we will also start using Seesaw to turn in assignments as they are finished. For example, today’s green math quiz should be uploaded when it is complete. If you have not signed up yet, please do so as soon as possible. This is a great way for students to be more independent! Also, I can comment and grade right there, so you will see updates on the Seesaw app in real time. You can also upload your journals to the Seesaw app as you complete them. I will send my response right there, too!

Here are the assignments for today and the PDF version: Monday, March 30, 2020

Monday, March 30, 2020

Subject  What to do!
Language Arts  This week you will be working on your Oral Biography and preparing to present the week of April 6-9.  


Things to know:

  • You will be sharing your presentation on Zoom so that your classmates can see you.  
  • We would also like your parents to record your presentation separately without Zoom so we have a backup and higher quality version.  This should be sent to your teacher.
  • Part of your requirement is to also watch your classmates present. You are expected to write at least 2-3 compliments during each day’s presentations and send them with the chat feature on Zoom. We will also call on a few students to give their comments orally after each presentation.
  • Be sure to include your props.  You will have to make some adjustments because you will be filming from home.  Do not worry if you cannot get the types of props you planned on. Be creative, use things around the house, draw pictures, etc.
  • When you complete your presentation you will fill out the gold “Biography Presentation Reflection” sheet that was in the folder you picked up from school last week. 
  • You will send your completed Self Reflection and bibliography on the Seesaw app
  • We will have a Zoom meeting on Wednesday so you can ask any questions about the presentations.
Reading TASK #1: Today, we will finish the story, Me and Uncle Romie Pgs. 233-243 and answer questions using page 2 of the packet–see this PDF. MeandUncleRomieComprehensionWorksheet

  • Last week, you answered questions #1-8 on “Me and Uncle Romie Story Hunt” in packet pg. 2; Today, we will go over these and finish the rest of the questions and story together. Save these to be turned in later.

Video support: use Ms. Corrigan’s video lesson from her reading webpage.

  • Start your math time with a session from Xtramath
  • Take the green Fractions check-in quiz #1 (from your turquoise-4B or green-4A folder) Post your quiz to Seesaw. If you do any work on a separate sheet of paper, please share those on Seesaw as well.
  • Optional: Spend 15-20 minutes on an assigned Freckle math activity of your choice.

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