Remote Learning: Thursday, April 2nd

Dear 4B Families,

Here’s today’s video from me: IMG_3909

Seesaw: I am LOVING Seesaw! It is so great to get to see everyone’s work and then give feedback (and some cute pictures!) right there! I’m very impressed with everyone’s work. I posted an announcement in Seesaw on Wednesday morning for the kids to see what they still need to turn in. I’ll try to write in the day’s assignments if it should be posted to Seesaw, and I’ll also post announcements on the app. Hopefully, it will be easy for everyone to understand!

Today’s mantra:

Here are today’s assignments and the PDF version: Thursday, April 2, 2020


Thursday, April 2, 2020

Subject  What to do!
Language Arts  This week you will be working on your Oral Biography and preparing to present the week of April 6-9.  

Things to know:

  • You will be sharing your presentation on Zoom so that your classmates can see you.  
  • We would also like your parents to record your presentation separately without Zoom so we have a backup and higher quality version.  This should be sent to your teacher.
  • Part of your requirement is to also watch your classmates present. You are expected to write at least 2-3 compliments during each day’s presentations and send them with the chat feature on Zoom. We will also call on a few students to give their comments orally after each presentation.
  • Be sure to include your props.  You will have to make some adjustments because you will be filming from home.  Do not worry if you cannot get the types of props you planned on. Be creative, use things around the house, draw pictures, etc.
  • When you complete your presentation you will fill out the gold “Biography Presentation Reflection” sheet that was in the folder you picked up from school last week. 
  • You will send your completed Self Reflection and bibliography on the Seesaw app
  • Direction/explanation video  for today’s reading can be found on Ms. Corrigan’s webpage
  • Read the Mystery of Roanoke article in the 11/18/2019 edition of Scholastic News which was sent home with the last packet.
  • Complete the worksheet for this article only. We will work with the remaining articles in the magazine tomorrow. 
  • Take a picture of finished worksheet and submit via Seesaw.
  • Start your math time with a session from Xtramath
  • Complete page 2 (front and back) from the review packet.
  • Optional: Spend 15-20 minutes on an assigned Freckle math activity of your choice or the Fractions app on your iPad.  

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