Remote Learning: Tuesday, April 7th

Dear 4B Families,

Here’s today’s video from me: IMG_3941

Wow! What extraordinary performances by Jacob and Luke. Thank you to all of you for your hard work and dedication to making these presentations successful. Amazing!

We have a full day of presentations along with some light religion, reading, and math. Here is the schedule:


10:10- Madeline







I’ll send all Zoom meeting codes via email from now on. Please make sure your Zoom screen name is something I’ll recognize, or just let me know what the name is.


Here are today’s assignments and the PDF version: Tuesday, April 7th


Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Subject  What to do!
Language Arts  Oral Biography Presentations!

  • Join in on the Zoom meetings to watch the presentations
  • Turn in Self-reflection via Seesaw
  • Turn in bibliography via Seesaw
  • Try to compliment at least 3 people per day
Religion These religion tasks should be completed before the end of the day on Thursday.

Task #1: Read through the Stations of the Cross document slowly. Think about each part and what it means in your life. 


Task #2: Do some self-reflection by thinking about these questions:

-Did you keep your promises of Prayer, Almsgiving, and Fasting? 

-What did you learn about yourself?

-What actions can you take to follow in the footsteps of Jesus during Holy Week and beyond?

Note: You don’t need to write down your answers, but you should take at least 30 minutes to complete these two tasks. It would be best to take it slow, and really think about these questions. You can talk to your parents as you reflect.

    • Read the remaining articles in the 3/16/20 edition of Scholastic News which was sent home with the last packet. This is the same magazine that you used yesterday. The articles are about chess and Amelia Earhart.
    • Complete the questions on the last page of the magazine that accompany these articles.
    • There is video support for this assignment on Ms. Corrigan’s page:
    • **Should you not have a copy of the magazine, it can be found online (PW: gators4142) at
  • Seesaw: please take a picture of the last page of the magazine with the completed questions and submit by Thursday.
  • Spend 15 minutes on an assigned Freckle math assignment of your choice
  • Spend 5-10 minutes on XtraMath
  • Use the Fractions app to review equivalent fractions.


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