This is the expected homework for this week.

*Please note that it may change and should always be checked against the assignment notebook.

Oral Biography Notes

  • Students should continue reading all about their person.
  • Take notes using post-its. Remember to look for factual information and fun anecdotes.
  • Use the OralBiographyProject2020 direction sheet as a guide.
  • Use the note-taking guide to start planning for what to write on notecards
    • Notecards went home last week.
  • Start transferring notes to notecards
  • Work on bibliography (using the bibliography form sent home last week)


Weekly Homework:


  • Practice sheets nightly
  • At least four nights of Xtra Math (or any fact!) practice (about 10-20 minutes per night)–if not already mastered!


Read ~20 minutes

    • Remember, the exact amount of time is not important. 20 minutes is a suggested time, but the focus is enJOYing the reading!

Recorder Practice

Talk about what we learned!

Helpful Study Links!

Xtra Math

Spelling City

Typing Club