Oral Biography

Presentations will be made from April 6-9

We will use Zoom to share the presentations with our classmates.


Here are the directions for the Oral Biography Project! Remember to have fun! OralBiographyProject2020

Sign up for a date/time on the Oral Biography Presentation schedule.

Here is a link for the bibliography format: http://4a.holyrosaryws.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/17/2016/03/bibliography-format.pdf

Here are a few links that may help with the bibliography:

Template: Bibliography Template

How to cite movies: Bibliography citations for movies

How to cite websites: Bibliography citation for websites

Props and Grading: Oral Biography Prop and Grading Information


Video on PVLEGS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lBjIvyrs7k

Bio Reflection Sheet


Tips for Note-Taking (You can also find this on the Note-taking 101 packet.)

  • DO NOT write in complete sentences. Use bullet points to give yourself an idea of what to talk about. 
    • Example: —Tell story of Frida’s inspiration while sick
    • If you want to include a quote, this is the only time you should write the whole sentence, word for word.
  • Write in chronological order.
  • Include dates and places.
  • Write notes to yourself about when to DO something.
    • Example: STOP! Point to clock!
  • Write in chunks of the person’s life:
    • Early years
    • Adult life
    • Later years
    • Contributions