Rube Goldberg

Here are videos of our Rube Goldberg Machines at work. The students did an amazing job!

IMG_3361– Weston, Alex, Joseph, Deven (4A)

IMG_3338 – Phoebe, Delaney, Regan, Quincy (4B)

IMG_3340 – Jake, Seamus, Jacob, George (4B)

IMG_3341– Ella Lucy, Audrey, Laila (4B)

IMG_3343 – Madeline, Giselle, Izzy (4B)

IMG_3344 – Alex, Cruz, Luke, Arlo, Emalyn, Aria (4B)

IMG_3346 – Alex, Cruz, Luke, Arlo, Emalyn, Aria (4B)

IMG_3345 – Dominic, Jude, Reilly, Austin (4B)

IMG_3347 – Megan, Aiden, Josh (4A)

IMG_3352 – Zosia, Grace, Dani (4A)

IMG_3353 – Gemma, Emma, Eva (4A)

IMG_3358 – Charlotte, Gunnar, Boe (4A)

IMG_3360 – Marina, Audriella, Moira (4A)

IMG_3357 – Alexis, Payton, Kyle (4A)

IMG_3359– Layla, Kuba, Emme (4A)

Note: I had to shorten the videos to be able to fit as attachments. You’ll have to download as a MOV file. Please let me know if you can’t access any of the videos, and I’ll try to find a way to get it to you! 



It’s Rube Goldberg time! Below are links to informational (and fun!) videos of Rube Goldberg Machines. There are also links to the informational materials that students will receive in class.


Informational Texts

4th Grade Rube Goldberg Challenge Explanation and Rubric (1)

rube goldberg presentation student preparation

SimpleMachinesSortCutandPasteExamplesDefinitionscreateaninvention (1)

Work, Simple Machines Text



The Lemonade Machine, an epic Rube Goldberg collaboration