Religion Content

Here you will find links to 4th grade religion content and study sheets.


zz6a104668Students will need to memorize the Seven Corporal Works of Mercy for a test on December 17th.  We will practice in class as well.  Students will receive extra credit in spelling if they are able to correctly spell each Work of Mercy as well.  Points will not be taken off the religion portion of the test for misspelled words.

Works of Mercy study sheet

The Spiritual Works of Mercy will not be part of the December 17th test.



Virtue Protecting God’s Children:

Fall Lesson Boundaries: Teaching-Boundries-and-Safety-Guide-1

Opt out form: Opt-Out-Form-Fall-2017

The Ten Commandments: Ten-Commandments-study-sheet

The Seven Sacraments: Seven Sacraments Study Guide

Sacraments blank fill-in

Liturgical Calendar Study Pages:

Liturgical Calendar Blank

Liturgical Year Calendar Answer Guide

Liturgical Year Study Guide Blank

Liturgical Year Study Guide Answers

The Liturgical Year:

A great Online practice site:

Great website that gives information about the Liturgical Seasons, Gospels and more:

Catholic Calendar Page: This handy little calendar lets you know the readings, vestment colors, liturgical seasons and years and even rosary mysteries for any given day far into the future.