Newsletter January 17th

Dear 4B Families,

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the holiday in honor of Dr. King. Sadly the Hawks season came to an end on Saturday, but now we can look forward to next season.
ZZ103DA86CWe have a short but busy week ahead. I apologize for not getting the permission slips out last week for the Catholic School’s Week certificate deliveries. They will be in your child’s filer today. Look for a Pink Sheet in the “School/Home” section of the filer. The delivery day is Tuesday, January 29th from 10:30-12:30. We will need parents to drive/chaperone small groups during the deliveries. Be sure that your Safe Environment is updated. Thank you in advance for your help! This special service cannot happen without you!

Reading/Language Arts: Our reading focus will continue with a Civil Rights based theme as we learn about the people and events that influenced this time in history and how many people today continue to work for civil rights. Last week the students got a good start on their typed newspaper articles. We will finish those up this week.

ZZ6A7201D3Greek/Latin Roots of the Week: Each week for the remainder of the year the students will be introduced to a Greek or Latin root and related activities. By the end of the year the students will know 32 roots, which will help them with both spelling and vocabulary development. This week we will learn about the entomology of our language and start with our first root, rupt.

Spelling lists: were sent out last Friday for lesson 19. The test will be Friday.

untitledWe will also be conducting our class spelling bee this week to determine our two representatives for the school spelling bee on February 4th.

Math: Thank you for taking time to look over your child’s homework for accuracy. As we work with larger numbers close attention to details and accurate computation is very important. Look for math homework each night this week. Multiplication and division of larger numbers requires students to keep numbers in their proper place value. I will often transfer the HW page to graph paper to help students with their placement and also give them enough room to solve the problems. When I do not do this, but you child feels it would be helpful to do their computations on graph paper, I am including a graph paper pdf you can run off with the homework page. Feel free to use this paper for any homework assignment you like.

zz1a8fde3aReligion: We will continue our study of the Sacraments this week. All students will need to be able to name the sacraments and their category for a test this Friday the 20th. Hopefully the students have been reviewing the Sacraments with the study sheet they have had in their filer. Perfect spelling is not required, but students need to be able to correctly pronounce each word. Students will receive extra credit for correct spelling of the Sacraments.

Social Studies: Corrected Western State tests are in your child’s filer. The 50 State test will take place next Monday January 23rd. We are on the trail with Lewis and Clark this week!

Science: On Tuesday, the students will be using the computer lab to complete a web search on electricity. This will include helpful information that we will review next week.

Have a great week everyone. Be sure to return the permission slips for the certificate delivery by this Friday the 20th. Thank you!

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