Newsletter May 29th

Dear 4B Parents,

 I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful Memorial Day Weekend. We are in the home stretch now, only three more weeks!  We have a busy and fun week ahead with several special events.

untitledDon’t forget, the Buy One, Get One Free Book Fair is openTuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week.  Stock up for summer reading!



Wednesday:  We will be having a special student celebration for Mrs. Harris on Wednesday. Shhhh, this is a bit of a surprise.  Since Mrs. Harris loves all things Star Wars the students can come in Star Wars themed free dress on Wednesday.  If you do not have Star Wars gear, black and grey will be fine too.  The “On Target” t-shirts from the magazine sale also can work if you still have one.


Thursday is the Feast of Corpus Christi.  We will have Mass on Thursday instead of Wednesday this week. This is a perfect uniform day.  Following Mass, the entire school will process around the block in a traditional Corpus Christi procession.



Mystery Book Reports:The students will be giving a short presentation on their mystery books next week. The students also have their final draft paper they started filling out last week relating to their mystery. The presentation is simple—about 2-4 minutes—summarizing the mystery. They can present as themselvesuntitled, as a reporter or as one of the characters.  Students should have their mystery books at school on both Thursday and Friday this week

I will be sending out a “Summer Letter” on Thursday this week that will outline some ideas and opportunities for summer practice. The students have worked so hard this year and have made such wonderful progress.   All students should be setting aside some time over the summer to review math and they should all be reading regularly!!  Thank you for providing encouragement and time this summer for a bit of review—which can be fun and will help prevent the summer slide.

Reading/LA: We will be finishing up our novel this week and taking some final assessments on the story.  There is no spelling test this week. On Wednesday, the students will hopefully be heading down to 1A to share their Flat Stanley journals. I hear the first graders might be reading a book to the 4th graders as well.  I have really been enjoying reading/grading the journals.  The flat people had a lot of excellent adventures!

Social Studies: The Washington State City map test will take place next Thursday, June 7th.  Our class work will in these final days will be focusing on early Seattle history which will help prepare us for our Underground Tour field trip.

Math: We are doing a combination of work on decimals, fractions and geometry in our final lessons of the year.  Homework will include review of 4th grade skills as well as our daily lessons.

Summer Lunches of Love Needed: The parish is concerned that they may not have enough stock to cover the summer lunches of love needs.  You were all so generous in April, but if you would like to make any donations from now to the end of the school year they would be greatly appreciated. You do not have to make an entire lunch if it is easier to just bring in individual items. St. Vincent de Paul can assemble the items together. They are also in need of cases of water. Thank you so much for your generosity!

Homework: Math and work on Mystery Book Report

Have a great week—I know it is busy—for everyone, but it is so important for the students to remain focused and attentive to their work for a few more days. Thank you for your assistance.

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