News for the Week of May 26th

Hello 4B Families,

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you all had a great field day and long weekend. We are entering into the last three weeks of school, and the momentum may be waning. I want you to know that I’m 100% ready to continue learning for our wonderful students! Keep pumping up your kids for all of the ways they are going to grow academically and be completely ready to enter 5th grade with confidence!

Mass: There will be a school Mass on Wednesday, May 27th at 9:30.

Changes to Whole Class Zoom Meetings: This week, in addition to our regularly scheduled whole class zooms, we will have a mandatory Zoom Math Meeting on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 2:00. Students will not submit their homework to Seesaw. Instead, they will complete their homework before the meeting, and we will go over it together in the meeting. This gives students the chance to ask questions about the new concepts in real time. If your child cannot make the 2:00 meetings, please let me know, and I will reschedule with your child!

Bonus Music Zoom!: As a special treat, Ms. Mudge will be hosting a music Zoom on Friday! The meeting will take place at 11:00am with the same Meeting ID and Password as always. Please bring your recorders.

Individual Zoom Meetings: Please feel free to sign your child up for an individual Zoom meeting with me. The meeting schedule has been updated, and this week is wide open!  The meetings can serve any purpose…including a simple hello and check in! If your child needs help with something academic, and it will take longer than 15 minutes, just contact me, and I’ll set up a separate meeting. You can sign up here.

Reading: This week, students will continue our novel unit by reading Chapters 7 & 8 in From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. For each chapter, we will continue to follow the same structure that’s been in place throughout the unit: review vocabulary, read each chapter silently, re-read and discuss the story together via our video lessons, complete a written summary worksheet, take the quiz, post a fluency recording. Quizzes for these chapters will continue to be posted in google classroom. It’s important that students keep up with the daily video lessons with Ms. Corrigan and try not to fall behind. As a general rule, students should plan to spend about an hour a day on reading lessons/assignments, and prioritize this along with their math assignments. Overall, the students are doing very well and continue to impress us with high quality work. Please email Ms. Corrigan directly if you are having difficulty in any way

Science:  On Tuesday, all students will have another science-themed zoom meeting to dive into the final science project: Preventing Brain Injuries. Students will create a 2-3 minute podcast or video to raise awareness about brain injuries and concussions. This is the last assignment for science for the year. Have fun with it!

Spelling: Students are still working on the spelling words: Plurals  Activities should be completed in Spelling City by Friday, May 29th, and the spelling and vocabulary tests will take place on Spelling City that day. Please have your child complete both tests before 3:00 on Friday.

Language ArtsWe are looking forward to sharing the Running Away stories this week in breakout rooms on Zoom.  We are offering two optional language arts activities for the students to complete if they choose.  The first is a picture journal activity in Seesaw. We will show the students this activity in a Zoom meeting.  The second is a type of service project to write a letter to a resident at The Mount Nursing Facility.  We have a list of residents that are feeling quite isolated and would love cards and letters. If your child is interested in making a special card, please let us know and we will give you the name(s) of the resident.

Social StudiesLast Thursday a video and quiz on Mother Joseph was posted. Please have these completed by Wednesday.  The final video on the Early Years of Seattle will come out this Thursday.  The students should complete this video and quiz by June 2nd.  I will be meeting with both classes on Zoom for our final lesson on the Great Seattle Fire on Tuesday, June 2nd. Continue to practice for the WA Feature Map Test on June 5th.

Math: TEST CLARIFICATION: There are two sets of tests in the folders. There are a series of 4 tests labeled Test 1, Test 2, and so on. These tests are end-of-year reviews to make sure students are ready for 5th grade. They will be asked to complete Test 3 this week and Test 4 next week. The next set of tests are the chapter tests. The short Chapter 10 Test will take place on Friday, and the short Chapter 13 Test will take place on Wednesday, June 3rd.


Have a great week!

Ms. Benson

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