Newsletter May 8

Dear 4B Parents,

This Friday we get to enjoy the talented students of Holy Rosary as they perform in our annual Talent Show!  The theme this year is Super Heroes. Students should come dressed as their favorite Super Hero—keeping in mind free dress expectations.

UnknownNext Wednesday the 17th is the 4th Grade Charity Bake Sale. If you are able to assist, please email me. I have two volunteers so far (thank you), but we will need a few more. We will set up around 10:00 and should be cleaned up by about 1:00.

If you have not yet turned in the blue permission slip for our end of the year field trip please do so by Tuesday. I gave extra copies today, so please check filers. Thank you!

Flat Stanley Journals are due next Wednesday the 17th. Students can turn them in earlier if they are finished. Be sure that each entry is read aloud and checked for accuracy! Thank you.

ZZ58241399Social Studies: The WA state mountains and rivers test will take place this Tuesday. Hopefully the students have been using both their study sheet and the online practice site. We will practice at school on Monday as well.

Science: This week we are finishing our discussion on the three types of rock and continuing with the rock cycle. Next week we will move onto soil. Our sugar crystals are growing nicely and should be fully grown by next week.

Spelling: I did not get the spelling list passed out last Friday. You can access this week’s words for Unit 33 here. and all students will have a list on Monday in their filer. The test will be this Friday as usual.

Homework: I will give the students extra time when I can to complete math homework at school this week so extra time can be devoted to Flat Stanley journals.

The final 8th grade pizza lunch will take place this Thursday instead of Friday.

ZZ4D093F5FHappy Mother’s Day this coming Sunday to all of our wonderful 4B moms. I hope you are all treated royally!

Have a great week everyone!


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