Newsletter Week of May 24th

Dear 4B Families,

Wow! It’s the last week of May! We have a few weeks of school left, which means a busy and fun few weeks ahead. Just a reminder that there is no school on Monday, May 31st in honor of Memorial Day.

MAP Testing: The students will be taking their spring MAP tests this week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Zoomers will take the tests at home at the same time as the class. 

Field Day: This Friday, May 28th is Virtual Field Day! There will be no academic assignments on Friday and we will not have our normal Friday Zoom this week.  We want students to be able to get outside and enjoy Field Day! Please send us pictures/videos of your children taking part in the activities. All of the information and directions for the field day activities will be posted later this week.

In preparation for Field Day, the students are invited to wear free dress with a sports theme on Thursday.  This can be a favorite team, or their own team uniform.  

Language Arts: There will not be a spelling test this week, but we will begin practicing for the words as we learn the rules for making words plural. The test will take place on June 3rd.  The students should have their rough drafts of their creative essays completed by Thursday.  Once I have edited their work students will write or type their final drafts which will be due by June 3rd.  

Social Studies: The students will be taking the Washington Map test this Wednesday. They will have a word bank of locations for the test. 

Math: This week, we will wrap up chapter 10. The test will be on Thursday, and students should feel ready and confident. They have been doing a great job with fractions and decimals. They are still working on the habit of “Striving for Accuracy.” When concepts come easier to students, they often rush through their work, resulting in unnecessary errors. Students are encouraged to strive for accuracy by slowing down and making sure they are proud of their work and confident in what they are doing.

Science: We are starting our second energy exploration this week called “What makes roller coasters go so fast?” Students will put together a roller coaster-like ramp and experiment with collisions, height, and speed. We will also take some time to read about life science in the Science Spin magazine this week.

Girls on the Run: Wow! The 5K was a HUGE success. We are so impressed with all of the girls AND their Running Buddies. A big thank you to all of the parents. We could not have done it without you! Just a reminder that there is one more practice left, on Tuesday, May 25th. We will be wrapping up the season and giving out certificates. Please remind your girl to bring her blue GOTR t-shirt on Tuesday. We will be signing them!  

Have a great week and a Happy Memorial Day!

Ms. Benson

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