Newsletter Week of October 26th

Dear 4B Families,

It is hard to believe that October is almost over! This month has flown by. We are still very busy in the next couple of weeks with our All Saints’ Day activities and Halloween! Stay tuned for more information about our Halloween celebration on Friday!

The first big mass is this Wednesday, October 28th for the (first) All Saints’ Day Mass!

Students should come to church completely dressed as their saintIf your child is reading at mass, please arrive at 8:00am sharp. Readers will practice on the microphone before mass. Everyone else, please arrive at 8:15, as we will need to get all families in their assigned seats. Thank you for getting your little “saints” here on time. Please refer to this link for COVID screening and protocols.

You will find a “Reserved for Saint……..” sign for your chid in your assigned seat. Look for your child’s reserved sign and sit in the pew with them. Please do not take pictures before or during the service. Also, please take the “Reserved for” signs with you when you leave.

If you would like to also attend the 10:30 am Sunday, November 1st Mass there are some openings available. 4th grade students should plan to wear their Saint Costumes to the Sunday Mass if they attend. It is nice to be able to share the wonderful costumes with the wider parish community. The Faith Formation students will be doing the reading parts for this Mass, but the more saints the better!  This is the special sign-up for the Sunday Mass (Saint Families) :  Use this signup:  


These are the students that have signed up to attend the mass on Wednesday, 10/28:



Olivia (reader)


Golden (reader)




Matthias (will be interviewed by Father Oakland)

Griff (reader)




Abby (will be interviewed by Father Oakland)

We will include information about the November 4th mass in next week’s newsletter. 

School Pictures:Yuen Lui will be taking our school pictures this year on Saturday, October 24th and Tuesday, October 27th. These are the pictures that will be used in the yearbook, so we hope everyone is able to schedule an appointment. All students will need to schedule a photo session on either Saturday or Tuesday. If a student misses class to have their photo taken, it will be considered part of the school day and not an absence. To schedule your photo session, click HERE and select your date and time.  Click HERE to order picture packages! *Due to Covid-19 retakes may not be possible.*

Magazine SaleThis is the last week to sell magazines. We are very close to hitting our goal of $125,000. Please help us get there! You can find all the information you need here.

New iPads and Google Classroom: Please make sure your child is signed into Google Classroom on her/his new iPad. Each student can sign in using their gmail address ( and password. (This is a password that students created.)

Religion: We are planning “Saintly Visits” via Zoom to some of the younger grade classrooms during the next two weeks.  During these times the students will be asked to wear their costumes, so keep these handy and ready to wear!  As soon as we have confirmed the days and times of these visits we will let you know.  On Monday we will be doing our Touching Safety lesson.  Please refer to the information I sent out last week regarding the content of this lesson. The students will be asked to do some follow-up work with their parents after the lesson. Thank you.

Reading: We are enjoying getting to know the characters in Charlotte’s Web. The students are working on their own Postcards from the Barnwhere they will use their senses to describe the Zuckerman’s barn and describe the Escape from chapter 3 using fun and strong adjectives and verbs. The vocabulary words that we are focusing on from the story are written in their Vocabulary Books. Students can use their books as a tool to review the words and their meanings, which will help them prepare for a final vocabulary test when we finish the book.

Spelling: There will not be a spelling test this week. Yeah!

Social Studies: Your child should have received grades for their NE State tests.  Quite a few students would be unable to access the Google Forms test I created which made it necessary for me to make an alternate test. All students should be able to access tests and activities posted to Google Classroom–if their iPad has been properly set up.  Thank you for making sure the iPad is signed in to Google Classroom.  Our next set of states is the SE Region.  All students have a study sheet for this region.  Study sheets and online practice links for the test are located on the 4A page in the Map Study Sheet link at the top of the page. Our class work this week will focus on the Coastal and Plateau Native People of Washington State.

Science: This week, students will get to put their brand new deck of cards to use! We will be playing memory games and exploring the brain’s role in different kinds of memory. If you are interested in creating a creepy crawly creature with your child for Halloween, check out this great Mystery Science Resource.


Math: We started our chapter on multiplication this week. Students will be working hard to memorize all multiplication facts from 0-12. Please have your child practice on Xtra Math at least 3x per week for 15-20 minutes. The memorization of math facts is crucial to learning multiplication and division algorithms. In addition, ask your child to explain what multiplication means. For example, 3×4=12 can be shown with an array. Have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to push your child’s thinking!

Veterans Day: In last week’s pick up, the students received directions and a blank flag for the Veterans Day Flag project. I will go over the project in detail in class so that the students know what to do. The project is due no later than next Friday, November 6th. On Tuesday, November 10th, we will have a classroom prayer service to honor the Veterans using these flags.  If you do not know a Veteran you can honor, you can research data bases online with profiles of Veterans.  Here is one site we have used in the past.



Have a great holiday week!

Ms. Benson

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