Newsletter May 7th

Dear 4B Parents,

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weekend!  Did you see that amazing double rainbow Saturday night? Ms. Simpson told me all about it. Here is a picture off the blog in case you missed it.

Next Thursday the 17th is the 4th Grade Charity Bake Sale. Planning ahead, we ask each student to bring in treats to sell.  We do not sell whole cakes or pies.  Items should be cut or wrapped individually.  We generally price items between 25 cents and $1.00, depending on size. You do not need to price your own items.  We will do that Thursday morning during the set up. There is not a set number of items to bring in (a couple dozen is an average amount). If the items you make are nut free or gluten free please mark them.  This is always such a fun day for the students.

MAP Testing: We will be starting the final MAP tests this week with reading and language arts.  Next Tuesday/Wednesday we will do the math portion of the test.

Math: The students have been working hard with fractions.  We will be filling out a review sheet this week of some of the concepts we have covered. This review will come home on Tuesday.  Please look it over with your child.  You might want to “quiz” them on some of the vocabulary.  On Friday the students will take a review quiz on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division along with a couple of fraction and geometry questions.  I will be working with those students that need extra support/review in these areas.  I will be sending home the quiz/corrections for you to look over next week.  Taking time at home to review these basics is encouraged.  Just a problem or two a night can really help cement the algorithms and build accuracy. We review with morning work regularly at school as well.

ZZ58241399Social Studies: The WA state mountains and rivers testwill take place this Thursday.   Hopefully the students have been using both their study sheet and the online practice site. We will practice at school on Monday writing in the features on a map that will be similar to the test on Thrusday.

Science: Last week we looked at all of the data concerning the different materials for insulation. The students have a difficult decision to make concerning what the best insulation for their solar oven should be while also thinking about the environmental impacts. This week is a very exciting week as we will be assembling our solar ovens and beginning to insulate them. Start praying for sunny weather as we would love to be able to test them outside next week!

Religion: Our religion work is focusing on the Beatitudes.  We will learn how to be a blessing for others, and about the kindness and concern known as mercy.  We learn that true happiness comes from our relationship with God and living a life of kindness and mercy to others.

Flat Stanley Journals are due May 22nd.  Students can turn them in earlier if they are finished. Be sure that each entry is read aloud at home and checked for accuracy! Thank you. If your child’s flat person would like to spend a day at school I would be happy to take pictures.  The journal entry can be about the activities they did with their person.

Spelling: This week’s spelling words are contractions.  Along with learning the correct spelling and apostrophe location, the students will need to know the meaning of each.  For instance,” they’ll” means “they will”.  


  • There will be no homework Monday night.
  • I will give the students time to start their math homework at school whenever possible.
  • Study spelling words for Unit 25
  • Flat StanleyJournals
  • WA State River and Mountain test
  • Read Mystery book and work on your oral presentation.

Happy Mother’s Day
 to all of our wonderful 4B moms. I hope you are all treated royally!  Look for a special card in your child’s filer if they don’t remember to give it to you!

Have a great week everyone.

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